Sentence Examples with the word negus

Baldissera opened negotiations with the negus through Major Salsa, and simultaneously reorganized the Italian army.

Internal strife prevented the new negus of Abyssinia from prosecuting the war, which thus, in spite of the Abyssinian success, resulted in the increased prestige of the khalifa.

Later emperors built other castles and palaces, the latest in date being that of the Negus Yesu II.

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The two principal American taffrail logs are the Negus and Bliss (Messrs Norie and Wilson).

After this, quarrels arose between the negus and Bermudez, who had returned to Abyssinia with Christopher da Gama and who now wished the emperor publicly to profess himself a convert to Rome.

The extension of the Italian zone excited the suspicions of John, negus of Abyssinia, whose apprehensions were assiduously fomented by Alula, ras of Tigr, and by French and Greek adventurers.

Major Nerazzini was then despatched as special envoy to the negus to arrange terms of peace.

The title of negus negusti has been to a considerable extent based on the blood in the veins of the claimant.

Shortly afterwards Kassa moved against Tigre, defeated Ubie's forces at Deragie, in Simen (February 1855), took their chief prisoner and proclaimed himself negus negusti of Ethiopia under the name of Theodore III.

In 1872 Munzinger, now in Egyptian service, annexed Asmara to the khedivial dominions, but in 1884, owing to the rise of the mandi,Egypt evacuated her Abyssinian provinces and Asmara was chosen by Ras Alula, the representative of the negus Johannes (King John), as his headquarters.