Sentence Examples with the word negligible

James IV.who had refused to quit the field was slain in the forefront of the battle, with the greater part of his nobles; with him fell also some 10,000 or 12,000 of his men, Scotland, with her military power brought low, and an infant king on the throne, was a negligible quantity in international politics for some years.

Everywhere, except in the Wisdom of Solomon, the Underworld is the old Hebrew inane abode of all the dead, and therefore a negligible quantity for the moralist.

The difference between the horizontal distance and the distance measured along the rail is so small that it is negligible in all practical calculations.

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The susceptibility of air being known - practically it was negligible in these experiments - that of liquid oxygen can at once be found.

Taking the successive key-notes D, A, E, B, it is found that besides small and negligible differences, each introduces a new sharp, and so we get the five sharps, C, D, F, G, A, represented nearly by the black keys.

This introduces a further inaccuracy; but this latter may be negligible in comparison with the main inaccuracies already involved (cf.

In terms of the molecular theory this indicates that the total energy of the gas is the sum of the separate energies of its different molecules: the potential energy arising from intermolecular forces between pairs of molecules may be treated as negligible when the matter is in the gaseous state.

Disunion had reduced the Yugosla y s to an almost negligible quantity in Balkan politics.

Von Soden (1885), with well-considered principles of criticism, made a similar examination and found a much larger nucleus, and later still, (1893), in his commentary, reduced the non-Pauline material to a negligible minimum.

In 1462 Muscovy had been a negligible factor in P olish politics.