Sentence Examples with the word negative charge

A negative charge is lost much faster than a positive charge.

Wilson (63) seems disposed to regard the action of rainfall as the most probable source of the negative charge on the earth's surface.

If the positive is called the signalling current, the line will be charged positively each time a signal is sent; but as soon as the signal is completed a negative charge is communicated FIG.

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Likewise the negative charge on B induces a positive charge on the side of B' nearest to it and repels negative electricity to the far side.

Continuing their rotation, the positively charged carrier gave up its positive charge by touching a little knob attached to the positive field plate, and similarly for the negative charge carrier.

Table Potential, Dissipation, Ioniz If we regard the potential gradient near the ground as representing a negative charge on the earth, then if the source of supply of that charge is unaffected the gradient will rise and become high when the operations by which discharge is promoted slacken their activity.