Sentence Examples with the word need to know

We need to know how many people have this mutation and where they are, Kris ordered.

One thing he didn't need to know was that she was having dreams about Josh - even if they were actually nightmares.

That alone tells me all I need to know about you.

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It's a long story, one you don't necessarily need to know to understand your circumstances.

But she might need to know how to defend herself.

Extra keys were kept near the gate so that they were accessible from either side, but they didn't need to know that right now.

I'm sorry you're unhappy with my questions, but I need to know why you suddenly needed a girl after going five years without any.

Jenn, I need to know where Czerno is staying, what his plans are.

I need confirmation before the Council meets, and I need to know if you can alter whatever it is Sasha.s people did, Kris said.

But I need to know everything the Others told you about blowing up a world.