Sentence Examples with the word necropolis

The important prehistoric necropolis of Anghelu Ruju was excavated in 1904 62 m.

At this time the Theban necropolis was being more systematically robbed than ever before.

Some archaeologists assign to the 1 I th, others (and with far better reasons) to the 8th century B.C., the earliest tombs of the Alban necropolis and the coeval tombs of the necropolis recently discovered in the Forum at Rome.

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The chief monuments of the period - are certain inscribed tombs at Assifit; it appears that one of the kings, whose praenomen was Miker, supported by a fleet and army from Upper Egypt, and especially by the prince of Assiflt, was restored to his paternal city of Heracleopolis, from which he had probably been driven out; his pyramid, however, was built in the old royal necropolis at Memphis.

A late book has preserved to us the magical formulae that were repeated by the wise kher-heb priest (who in the necropolis performed the functions of taricheutes, embalmer), as each bandage was applied.

The name Albanus Mons is also used generally of the Alban group of hills in which there seem to have been some remains of volcanic activity in early Roman times, which covered the early necropolis of Alba Longa, and occasionally produced showers of stones, e.g.

In the Middle Kingdom necropolis of Beni Hasan, Garstang found many intact interments in coffins, and in one case the body was well preserved.

A vast necropolis in the environs of Saida, the ancient Sidon, Sidon.

As it grew, however, although the necropolis was still confined to the west bank, a vast city of temples, priests and necropolis people, to which were added royal palaces and their accompaniments, covered the western shore as far back as the desert hills.

In ancient Rome the Di manes, or as we should say the blessed dead, who reposed in their necropolis outside the walls, were specially commemorated on the dies parentales or days of placating them (placandis Manibus).