Sentence Examples with the word necklace

She had little else in the way of possessions, aside from the necklace around Talia's neck.

As an afterthought, she finished it all off with the earrings and necklace that Alex had given her at the party.

I realized I was playing with my necklace again.

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Then she felt it, the smooth nylon necklace he slid around her neck.

She hesitated then reached into her shirt and pulled free the necklace marking her House in the immortal world.

A small, petite, blonde girl with a big necklace around her neck.

The leather-like necklace itself contained the stiffness of something new, rather than the well-worn suppleness of the one around her neck.

The familiar swing of the necklace drew her gaze as she leaned over to lace a boot.

Her own necklace had the same symbols surrounding five stars.

Hedin had sent a necklace as a peace-offering to Hagen, but Hilde persuades her father that it is only a ruse.