Sentence Examples with the word necker

On the same day he dismissed Necker and ordered him to quit Versailles.

In October 1776 Necker was made finance minister of France, though with the title only of director of the treasury, which, however, he changed in 1777 for that of director-general of the finances.

In 1763 Necker fell in love with Madame de Vermenou, the widow of a French officer.

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They returned to Paris, or at least to its neighbourhood, in 1785, and Mlle Necker resumed literary work of a miscellaneous kind, including a.

On the r 2th of July Camille Desmoulins announced the dismissal of Necker to the crowd in the Palais Royal.

Throughout the momentous months which followed the biography of Necker is part of the history of the French Revolution.

In reality his audacious plan of reforms, which Necker took up later, might have saved the monarchy had it been firmly seconded by the king.

Finding that he had lost all credit with the Assembly, Necker resigned office and left France in September 1790.

Jacques Necker had been sent to Paris in 1747 to become a clerk in the bank of a friend of his father, M.

He retired when Necker was dismissed on the 12th of July 1789, but on Necker's recall after the taking of the Bastille again resumed his office, which he continued to hold till October 1791.