Sentence Examples with the word nebraska

In dealings with the Indians there have been in Nebraska the usual discreditable features of administration.

This clause would seem to leave the state government with no powers not expressly granted, and to make the rule for interpreting the Nebraska constitution similar to that for interpreting the Federal constitution; but in their practice the Nebraska courts have been little influenced by it, and it is chiefly of historical interest.2 The administration of justice is vested in a supreme court, 15 district courts, county courts and courts of justices of the peace and police magistrates.

In the same year, following the example of Oklahoma, Nebraska passed a law guaranteeing bank deposits from a fund created by an assessment on the basis of total deposits.

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I crossed the mighty Missouri River, leaving agrarian Nebraska in my rear view window.

Some farmers on tile uplands between the valleys in western Nebraska irrigate by means of wind-mills, and although the underground water is 175 ft.

The Duroc Jersey or Duroc, of a red or cherry-red colour - not sandy or dark - is the most popular pig in Nebraska and equal to any other in Iowa.

Among the Indians who occupied Nebraska immediately before the advent of the whites and thereafter, the only families of much importance in the state's history were the Caddoan and the Siouan.

The first creamery in Nebraska was established in 1881.

Aldrich 1 Nebraska was one of the states in which the collapse of the cooperative enterprises of the Grange was particularly severe.

In 1900 three cities had a population above 25,000 - Omaha, 102,555; Lincoln, 40,169; South Omaha, 26,001 - and seven others had a population between 8000 and 8000 - Beatrice, Grand Island, Nebraska City, Fremont, Hastings, Kearney and York.