Sentence Examples with the word nearness

Faith in the nearness of Christ's second advent and the establishing of his reign of glory on the earth was undoubtedly a strong point in the primitive Christian Church.

He was filled with happiness at his nearness to the Emperor.

Despite the nearness of his voice, he wasn't visible.

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Its commercial prosperity in modern times is due to its nearness to Portsmouth.

The large amounts fixed for the wergelds of nobles and even of freemen were paid no doubt, as in later times, not only by the slayer himself, but by every member of his kindred in proportion to the nearness or remoteness of his relationship; and in like manner they were distributed among the kindred of the slain.

It owes its modern prosperity to the nearness of the valuable Puertollano coal-field, 3 m.

Partly because of its Puritanic genesis and partly because of its independent manufacturing interests, Newark has kept, in spite of its nearness to New York City, a distinct character of its own.

His nearness was comforting, his body warmth making her feel a little less cold.

He paced to Damian's side, purposely not looking at Jessi, whose nearness was making him crazy enough.

His nearness was driving her crazy.