Sentence Examples with the word near east

Like Gioberti he advocated a federation of Italian states, but he declared that before this could be achieved Austria must be expelled from Italy and compensation found for her in the Near East by making her a Danubian powera curious forecast that Italys liberation would begin with an eastern war.

The worship of the Persian gods spread to Armenia and Cappadocia and over the whole of the Near East (Strabo, xv.

The very fact of reestablishing this vital strategical and economic artery of the Near East by force of arms would, moreover, of necessity carry with it the occupation of Constantinople by Entente forces and would deal a resounding blow at the very heart of the Sultan's realms. There was furthermore, at the juncture when the project of attack upon the Dardanelles was first seriously mooted at the beginning of Jan.

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Miller, Travels and Politics in the Near East (London, 1898); M.