Sentence Examples with the word neanderthal

The epoch was characterized by cold wet climate, by the supposed existence of Man of the Olom type, that is, nearly as dolichocephalous as the Neanderthal type, but with superciliary ridges flat, and frontal bones high, and by the occurrence of the musk-ox, the horse, the cave-bear, Rhinoceros tichorhinus and the mammoth.

The first (fig.3) is the famous Neanderthal skull from near Dusseldorf, described by Schaafhausen in Miller's Archiv, 1858; Huxley in Lyell, Antiquity of Man, p. 86, and in Man's Place in Nature.

Here in 1856 were discovered in a Quaternary bed in the Feldhofen Cave human remains which have been referred to a type commonly called Neanderthal Man.

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The now generally accepted view is that the Neanderthal skull represents the oldest known dolichocephalic race of Europe.

While at Frankfurt, on his way to examine the Neanderthal skull at Bonn, he was struck with paralysis, and died at Gottingen a few months later on the 13th of May 1864.

I would offer to let Connor feed on me if I weren't convinced Neanderthal here would go postal on us.