Sentence Examples with the word ne

By the 14th century the motto Nim pose qui ne veut (i.e.

Wace says emphatically Ne fu oie ne veue, Ne fu trovee, ne seue Por la vergogne del mesfait Et del pecie qu ele avoit fait (11.13627-30).

The result is unfortunately (1910) unpublished, but he informs the present writer that the result leads to the striking conclusion: La vgtation est un phnomne surtout intertropical, dont nous ne Yoyons plus que restes affaiblis dans nos regions ternprcs.

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Blesced be fie man fiat 3ede nou)t in fie counseil of wicked, ne stode nou3t in f)e waie of sin3eres, ne sat nou3t in fals iugement.

I am the first academic to gain a PhD by public output featuring video capture and speaking the Doric dialect of NE Scotland.

And from this, and from the property of a rigid body, already stated in 29, it follows, that the components along a is ne of connection of all the points traversed by that line, whether -in the driver or in the follower, are equal; and consequently, that the velocities of any pair of points traversed by a line of connection are to each other inversely as the cosines, or directly as the secants, of the angles made by the paths of those points with the line of connection.

So ne historians, like Otto of Freising, Guibert of Nogent or Bernard Gui, would have been scientific if they had had our appliance:, for comparison.

And later on says Prous fu et de mult grant mesure, D'orgoil et de forfait n'ot qure Plus vaut faire qu'il ne dist Et plus doner qu'il ne pramist (Io.

We could not have a more flagrant abuse of the rule Ne esto plus minusque in conclusione quam in praemissis.

Ah, Maman, ne dites pas de betises.