Sentence Examples with the word nd

He was beheaded on Tower Hill on the 22 nd of June 1535, after saying the Te Deum and the psalm In to Domine speravi.

Thick, made no difference in the red glow so long as the connexions were good nd the condenser was quiet.

Elevation gradually caused more, nd to appear in later Jurassic a.nd early Cretaceous times when a.

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Sir Benson Maxwell British and Mr Clifford Lloyd, who had been sent out to nd native reform the departments of justice and the interior, officials.

First caused no difficulty; the rank and file of the nd were mostly disbanded, but a number of the officers tee: 1 taken into the Italian army; the third offered a more)Us problem.

During the Russian Dark Ages certain clerical errors had crept into the liturgical books Reforms a nd certain peculiarities had been adopted in the ritual.

Contemporary with Tull was Charles, a nd Viscount Townshend, a typical representative of the large landowners to whom the strides made by agriculture in the 18th century were due.

In many parts of southern Asia are found semi-barbarous races representing the earliest known stratum of population, such as the Veddahs of Ceylon, and various tribes in China General a nd the Malay Archipelago.

In 1867 she accompanied the emperor to Budapest, s nd took much interest in tile reconciliation with the Magyars.

The government tried to nd priests to occupy the vacant parishes; few consented to do so, and the Slaalskatholiken who consented to the new laws were avoided by their parishioners.