Sentence Examples with the word navigability

The importance of Gondokoro lies in the fact that it is within a few miles of the limit of navigability of the Nile from Khartum up stream.

The Russian navigator Nevelskoi in 1849 definitively established the existence and navigability of this strait.

Since 1842, but more especially since 1871, improvements have been made in the navigability of the Elbe by all the states which border upon its banks.

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Metres of sand and gravel, and proved a great success, not only amply realizing its principal object, the protection of Vienna from disastrous inundations, but also improving the navigability of the river in that portion of its course.

In1906-1907there was a notable agitation for improvement, following trial voyages that proved the navigability of the Missouri up to Kansas City.

From the centre of the town of Yarbatenda; which town is situated at the limit of navigability of the Gambia from the sea.

Kayes is the limit of navigability from the sea.

From its mouth to the limit of navigability from the sea the river is in British territory; above that point it flows through French territory.

Between Ulm and Vienna, a distance of 629 m., works of rectification have been numerous and have greatly improved the navigability of the river.