Sentence Examples with the word naval battle

After months of blockade and minor fighting, the Russian Port Arthur squadron had been brought to action on the 10th of Naval battle of August.

NAUMACHIA, the Greek word denoting a naval battle (Pais, ship, and,uaXrl, battle), used by the Romans as a term for a mimic sea-fight.

And, when Henry had succeeded to the crown on the announcement of Baldwin's death, it was Villehardouin who fetched home his bride Agnes of Montferrat, and shortly afterwards commanded under him in a naval battle with the ships of Theodore Lascaris at the fortress of Cibotus.

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On the 7th of October was fought the naval battle of Lepanto, which broke for ever the tradition of the invincibility of the Turks at sea.

The great naval battle of Sluys, in which Edward III.

After this the Pisan supremacy of the island seems to have become more of a reality, but Arborea remained independent, and after the defeat of the Pisans by the Genoese at the naval battle of Meloria in 1284 they were obliged to surrender Sassari and Logudoro to Genoa.

This seems an unlikely limitation, throwing an impossible amount of work upon the crew, and leaving each ship terribly weak supposing a naval battle had to be undertaken - as with some rival viking fleet, even before any Christian nation possessed a fleet.

When a naval battle was in progress, it would depend for its manoeuvring on the rowers.