Sentence Examples with the word naturalist

Guppy, Observations of a Naturalist in the Pacific (1896-1899), vol.

Ega de Queiroz (q.v.) founded the Naturalist school in Portugal by a powerful book written in 1871, but only published in 1875, under the title The Crime of Father Amara; and two of his great romances, Cousin Basil '' and Os Maias, were written during his occupancy of consular posts in England.

HENRY DAVID THOREAU (1817-1862), American recluse, naturalist and writer, was born at Concord, Massachusetts, on the 12th of July 1817.

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The fauna of Siberia is closely akin to that of central Europe; and the Ural Mountains, although the habitat of a few species which warrant the naturalist in regarding the southern Urals as a separate region,, are not so important a boundary zoologically as they are botanically.

Alcock, A Naturalist in Indian Seas (1902).

The males appear to compete with each other in the brilliancy of their melody, in order to attract the females, which, according to the German naturalist Johann Matthaiis Bechstein always select the best singers for their mates.

Both breeds, which have short tails and small horns (present only in the rams), were regarded by the German naturalist Fitzinger as specifically distinct from the domesticated Ovis cries of Europe; and for the first type he proposed the name 0.

Hudson's Idle Days in Patagonia, and Naturalist in the La Plata; G.

Bates, A Naturalist on the Amazons; T.

It was not, however, till 1788 that the chimpanzee received what is now recognized as a scientific name, having been christened in that year Simia troglodytes by the naturalist Johann Friedrich Gmelin.