Sentence Examples with the word natural resources

The colonial period was one of strict repression, the intellectual life of the people being jealously supervised by the church to protect itself against heresy, and their progress being restricted by the Portuguese crown to protect its monopoly of the natural resources of the country.

During the Depression, he worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), which provided manual labor jobs related to the conservation and development of natural resources in government-owned rural lands.

The government met the crisis by renewed energy in harbour works, railway construc y gy y tions and the development of the natural resources of the country.

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As a race the Polynesians are somewhat apathetic. An enervating climate and lavish natural resources incline them to lead easy lives.

To accomplish such a feat it was necessary, of course, to expend large sums of money; and as the country could ill bear an increase of taxation, the whole financial system had to be improved and the natural resources of the country had to be developed.

Conservation of natural resources by federal initiative and control), to which he gave so much impetus and encouragement, brought the extension of irrigation works in the United States to the front in American statecraft (see Vrooman, Mr Roosevelt, Dynamic Geographer, 1909).

In this category are the manufacture of agricultural machines, of tools and implements for agriculture, forestry and mining; such industries as depend for their raw material on the exploitation of the natural resources of the country, viz.

The farm of tomorrow is not designed to provide them food; it is trying to feed the most people the best food using the fewest natural resources in the least expensive and most reliable way possible.

Rhode Island's water powers have been its only natural resources which have aided in the development of its manufactures, and its transportation facilities have always been inadequate, because of shallow water at Providence and scanty railway communication; but the state's manufacturing enterprises are of great importance.

He was able by the influence he exerted to keep down the internal dissensions and insurrectionary outbreaks which had so greatly impeded for many years the development of the vast natural resources of the republic. With this object he had promoted the extension of railways so as to link the provinces with the great port of Buenos Aires, and to provide at the same time facilities for the rapid despatch of military forces to disturbed districts.