Sentence Examples with the word natural order

Elodea is a member of the monocotyledonous natural order Hydrocharideae.

COLCHICUM, the Meadow Saffron, or Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale), a perennial plant of the natural order Liliaceae, found wild in rich moist meadow-land in England and Ireland, in middle and southern Europe, and in the Swiss Alps.

CYPERACEAE, in botany, a natural order of the monocotyledonous group of seed-bearing plants.

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IiXtr t ta, a water-plant mentioned by Dioscorides), in botany, a natural order of monocotyledons belonging to the series Helobieae, and represented in Britain by the water plantain, Alisma Plantago, the arrow-head, Sagittaria, the star-fruit, Damasonium, and flowering rush, Butomus (from the Gr.

ABUTILON (from the Arabic aubutilun, a name given by Avicenna to this or an allied genus), in botany, a genus of plants, natural order Malvaceae (Mallows), containing about eighty species, and widely distributed in the tropics.

BROMELIACEAE, in botany, a natural order of Monocotyledons, confined to tropical and sub-tropical America.

POPPY, in botany, a genus of plants known botanically as pa paver, the type of the family or natural order Papaveraceae.

In the natural order Carophyllaceae (pink family) the dichasial form of inflorescence is very general.

It is the principal genus of the natural order of Monocotyledous Potamogetonaceae, and contains plants with slender branched stems, and submerged and translucent, or floating and opaque,.

Chevrefeuille), botanical name Lonicera, a genus of climbing, erect or prostrate shrubs, of the natural order Caprifoliaceee, so named after the 16th-century German botanist Adam Lonic2r.