Sentence Examples with the word nationalism

It was belligerent nationalism that had haunted Europe for 100 years.

Under the influence of Africander nationalism strenuous efforts have been made to teach the language in the schools throughout the greater part of South Africa.

It became now detached from the limitations of nationalism and local association with which it had been hitherto circumscribed.

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There was something repulsive as well in the enthusiastic nationalism of Pitt as in the cynical nationalism of Frederick.

The frankness with which he attacks the court of Rome for its exactions is remarkable; so, too, is the intense nationalism which he displays in dealing with this topic. His faults of presentment are more often due to carelessness and narrow views than to deliberate purpose.

All these precedents seemed to indicate that Spain and Portugal would ultimately form one state; and despite the strong nationalism which their separate language and Lisbon.

The innovation was at first received with some disfavour; critics accustomed to polite formalism censured it as extravagant and undignified; but the freshness and beauty of its melody soon silenced all opposition, and did more than anything else throughout the 18th century to establish the principle of nationalism in musical art.

This revived spirit of nationalism was by outsiders sometimes associated, quite erroneously, with the aims and actions of the Welsh parliamentary party, the spokesmen of political dissent in Wales; yet in reality this sentiment was shared equally by the clergy of the Established Church, and by a large number of the laity within its fold.

In the development of the United States the influence of Hamiltonian nationalism and Jeffersonian democracy has been a reactive union; but changed conditions since Hamilton's time, and particularly since the Civil War, are likely to create misconceptions as to Hamilton's position in his own day.

The idea of nationalism pervaded and quickened all his life and works.