Sentence Examples with the word national

The American Jews bore their share in the Civil War (7038 Jews were in the two armies), and have always identified themselves closely with national movements such as the emancipation of Cuba.

In 1892 he succeeded George William Curtis as president of the National Civil Service Reform League and held this office until 1901.

Previous to the creation of the republic, the coastwise service was performed by two national companies (now united), and partially by foreign lines calling at two or more ports.

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For a time this breed attracted much attention, and sanguine expectations were entertained that it would prove of national importance.

It acquiesced in the loss of western lands through a decision (1782) of a court appointed by the Confederation (see Wyoming Valley); favoured the levy of taxes on imports by federal authority; relinquished (1786) its claims to all western lands, except the Western Reserve (see Ox10); and in the constitutional convention of 1787 the present system of national representation in Congress was proposed by the Connecticut delegates as a compromise between the plans presented by Virginia and New Jersey.

He was a Methodist circuit rider and pastor in Indiana and Minnesota (18J7-1866); associate editor (1866-1867) of The Little Corporal, Chicago; editor of The National Sunday School Teacher, Chicago (1867-1870); literary editor and later editor-in-chief of The Independent, New York (1870-1871); and editor of Hearth and Home in 1871-1872.

Quakerism was preached in Scotland; very soon after its rise in England; but in the north and south of Scotland there existed, independently of and before this, preaching, groups of persons who were dissatisfied with the national form of worship and who met together in silence fordevotion.

In 1916 he was delegate-atlarge from Ohio to the Republican National Convention, of which he was chosen permanent chairman.

The assembling of the German national parliament at jam.

The two great pressing national questions, war and the restitution of the alienated crown lands, were duly considered at the Riksdag which assembled at Stockholm in March 1655.