Sentence Examples with the word nation

It taught the absolute need of personal and national righteousness, and foretold the ultimate blessedness of the righteous nation on the present earth.

Once a nation shows its willingness to seize foreign-owned property at will, foreign investors are reluctant to do business there again.

It is not enough even to be able to speak the language of that nation by which they are written, for there is a memorable interval between the spoken and the written language, the language heard and the language read.

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Then, as a nation grows wealthier, tax rates could fall in terms of percentages because the nation is making so much more money.

Impulse came from Rome, and Augustine is rightly regarded as the evangelist of the English; yet only a comparatively small part of the nation owed its Christianity directly to the mission sent out by Pope Gregory.

But although Colombia was, to all external appearance, restored to tranquillity, the nation was divided into two parties.

Descending into the political arena, became identified with the doctrines of one political party in the state - doctrines odious to the majority of the nation - and at the same time became associated with acts of violence and injustice, losing at once its influence and its reputation.

It is necessary above all to consider the relation of a people's years of growth and ferment to the song which represents them; for in the strains of Whittier, more than in those of any other 19th-century lyrist, the saying of Fletcher of Saltoun as to the ballads and laws of a nation finds a historic illustration.

In the first decades after the establishment of independence the resources and energies of the nation were absorbed in the task of occupying the vacant spaces of a continent, and sub-, duing it to agriculture; and so long as land was so abundant that the spreading population easily sustained itself upon the fruits of the soil, and satisfied the tastes of a simple society with the products of neighborhood handicrafts, there was no incentive to any real development of a factory economy.

It was a fortunate thing for Hungary that the conclusion of the War of the Spanish Succession introduced a new period, in which, at last, the interests of the dynasty and the nation were identical, thus rendering a reconciliation between them desirable.