Sentence Examples with the word natal

To Riverside Station, forming a link in the scheme for direct communication between Natal and East London and Port Elizabeth.

The new administration, notwithstanding Mr Gladstone's public utterances, declared their intention of retaining British sovereignty in the Transvaal, coupling with that decision a pious hope for the speedy accomplishment of confederation so as to allow of free institutions being given to Natal and the Transvaal.

The Tugela is crossed by well-known drifts, to which roads from Natal and Zululand converge.

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The Natal invaders fell back to the mountains which enclose the north of the colony; Oliver and Schoeman retired from Cape Colony before the small forces of Gatacre and Clements; and the presidents of the republics, realizing that the British Empire was capable of more resistance than they had calculated upon, put forward feelers aiming at the restoration of the status quo before the war.

Land lines connect Natal with every part of South Africa and with Nyasaland and Ujiji.

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Cloete, Emigration of the Dutch Farmers from the Cape and their Settlement in Natal ...

An incident which marked the beginning of this rebellion brought the Natal ministry into sharp conflict with the Imperial government (the Campbell-Bannerman administration).

An act authorizing the annexation was passed during 1902 and the territories were formally transferred to Natal in January 1903.

The most common are the Natal lily with pink and white ribbed bells, the fire-lily, with flame-coloured blossoms, ixias, gladiolas, the Ifafa lily, with fuchsia-like clusters, and the arum lily.