Sentence Examples with the word nasal

Thus carbolic acid or carbolized ammonia are sniffed into the nose to destroy the microbes there, or the nose is washed out by an antiseptic solution as a nasal douche; bismuth or morphine are insufflated, or zinc ointment is applied, to cover the mucous membrane, and protect it from further irritation; and various antiseptic gargles, paints and powders applied to the pharynx in order to prevent the microbic inflammation from extending to the pharynx and down the trachea and bronchi, for many a severe bronchitis begins first by sneezing and nasal irritation.

The nasal cavity communicates with the mouth by the choanae or posterior flares, situated between the palatine process of the maxillary, the palatine and the vomer.

The soda combination of the acid as obtained from the nasal cartilage of pigs had the composition C18H25Na2NS017.

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Nasal apertures very large, and extending high on the face between the orbits; nasal bones short, elevated, triangular and pointed in front.

Without a bony nasal septum between the nostrils..

In depth, lying in the notch formed between the nasal and premaxillary bones.

Living rhinoceroses may be arranged in three groups: (1) With a single nasal horn, and very thick skin, which is raised into strong, definitely arranged ridges or folds.

The secretions of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, and a pair of naso-lacrymal glands (not to be confounded with the Harderian and the lacrymal glands), moisten and clean the chamber.

To the nasal Ca, Columella auris.

Although he was not eloquent and had a nasal voice, his hearers were 10th to miss any of his thoughtful teaching, which was unbiased and well expressed.