Sentence Examples with the word narrowing

In breadth, narrowing toward the N., where it passes into Maryland, and broadening southward toward its great expansion in W.

From it we pass without a break, merely narrowing the application as the conception of sacredness grew clearer and less associated with magic, into early criminal law with its physical sanctions.

The bridge, which was begun in 1882 and completed in 1889, is at the only narrowing of the Forth in a distance of 50 m., at a point where the channel, about a mile in width, is divided by the island of Inchgarvie.

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He followed a familiar path through a narrowing hall and looked at his palm for the three codes written in green ink there.

Simple fibrous narrowing of the gateway of the stomach or of the intestine is dealt with by dividing it longitudinally and then suturing the edges of the wound transversely.

Under these circumstances the narrowing of the band is paid for at a ruinous price, and the arrangement must be condemned altogether.

Thick, narrowing to 13 ft.

We might also indeed call it the Spanish domain, narrowing the essentially geographical meaning of the word Espaflol (derived, like the other old form Espanon, from Hispania), and using it in a purely political sense.

Continuing its north-easterly course it passes through Bavaria, gradually widening its channel first at Steppberg, then at Ingolstadt, but finally narrowing again until it reaches Regensburg (height 949 ft.).

All this while the political policy of Tudors and Stewarts tended towards monarchical absolutism, while the Reformation in England, modified by contact with the Low Countries during their struggles, was narrowing into strict reactionary intolerance.