Sentence Examples with the word narrowed

Modern criticism, however, has narrowed the issue.

She narrowed her brow at him.

Her green eyes narrowed as she looked at me.

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He pointed with a smile to a turreted nunnery, and his eyes narrowed and gleamed.

A loftier head-covering was sometimes spherical at the top and narrowed in the middle; with a brim or border turned up back and front it is worn by Hittite warriors of Zenjirli and by their god of storm and war (fig.

Creditor and debtor have also lost their Roman law signification; they have been narrowed to mean the parties where the obligation is the payment of a sum of money.

He widened his eyes then narrowed them in an attempt to focus.

Spotting the bag, she narrowed her brow.

She narrowed her eyes and practically threw a plate at him.

The choice is narrowed down to A.D.