Sentence Examples with the word narrate

Most of what the Fathers narrate of Cerdo's tenets has probably been transferred to him from his famous pupil Marcion, like whom he is said to have rejected the Old Testament and the New, except part of Luke's Gospel and of Paul's Epistles.

From this time they simply narrate disconnected stories about the Buddha, or the persons with whom he was brought into contact, - the same story being usually found in more than one account, but not often in the same order.

Now narrate both the end of David's reign and the rise of Solomon (see I.

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The ostensible intention is to narrate the transference of the sacred objects to David (cf.

She nodded and he proceeded to narrate the details of Martha finding the bones, and Fitzgerald coming forth with prop replacements and perhaps sharing ownership of the facility from whence they came.

It remains to narrate briefly the tragic career of the Russian Baltic fleet.

In particular they narrate the capture of Jerusalem from the Jebusites (v.

The date is given by Darius, whereas the Greek authors narrate the murder after the conquest of Egypt.

They narrate how the commands of ch.

Other late sources narrate the destruction of Jericho and a deportation of the Jews to Babylonia and to Hyrcania (on the Caspian Sea).