Sentence Examples with the word napoli

Valiante, Le Cystoseirae del Golfo di Napoli (Leipzig, 1883); J.

For the more recent history P. Colletta's Storia del reame di Napoli (Florence, 1848) will be found very useful, though.

The standard authority on Ferdinand's reign is Pietro Colletta's Storia del Reame di Napoli (2nd ed., Florence, 1848), which, although heavily written and not free from party passion, is reliable and accurate; L.

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While wintering at Napoli di Romania (Nauplia) he died on the 6th of January 1694.

The best known account of Fra Diavolo is in Pietro Colletta's Storia del reame di Napoli (2nd ed., Florence, 1848); B.

Cavallotti, Rome, 1904); Saint-Edme, Constitution et organisation des Carbonari; P. Colletta, Storia del Reame di Napoli (Florence, 1848); B.

His great work, Le Istorie del regno di Napoli dal 1250 fino al 1498, first appeared at Naples in 1572, and was the fruit of thirty or forty years' labour; but nine more years were devoted to the task before it was issued in its final form at Aquila (1581).

Conforti, Napoli nel 1799 (Naples, 1886); G.

Croce has himself composed a mental autobiography: Contributo alla entice di me stesso (Naples, 1918, limited to one hundred numbered copies for private circulation), and also a brief history of his native place and of his family (Montenerodomo, stone di un comune e di due famiglie, Bari, 1919), and another opuscule upon the house in which he lives: Un angolo di Napoli (Naples, 1912).

Maresca, Gli avvenimenti di Napoli dal 13 giugno al,: 12 luglio, 1799 (Naples, 1900); B.