Sentence Examples with the word nanking

In the Nanking treaty, which was signed in the following year, Shanghai was included among the four new ports which were thrown open to trade.

Next to Nanking and Canton, it is one of the most important vice-royalties in the empire.

Shang-hai, Chin-kiang, Nanking and Su-chow are the treaty ports of the province.

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In 1853 Tientsin was besieged by an army of T'aip'ing rebels, which had been detached from the main force at Nanking for the capture of Peking.

On the 14th, Sun Yat-sen resigned the Presidency and in the name of the Nanking Assembly invited Yuan to accept the position of Provisional President.

In 1685 there were three dioceses, Peking, Nanking and Macao, with a hundred churches.

Formerly an integral part of China, the island of Hong-Kong was first ceded to Great Britain in 1841, and the cession was confirmed by the treaty of Nanking in 1842, the charter bearing the date 5th of April 1843.

In June the Tien Wang, seeing his cause was hopeless, committed suicide, and the capture of Nanking by the imperialist troops shortly afterwards brought the Taiping revolt to a conclusion.