Sentence Examples with the word naming

The works of Audubon, and the Fauna Boreali-Americana of Richardson and Swainson have already been noticed, but they need naming here, as also do Nuttall's Manual of the Ornithology of the United States and of Canada (2 vols., Boston, 1832-1834; 2nd ed., 1840); and the Birds of Long Island (8 vo, New York, 1844) by J.

Von Welsbach published the same result, naming his elements aldebaranium and cassiopeium (on the question of priority see F.

In 1841 Mosander, having in 1839 discovered a new element lanthanum in the mineral cerite, isolated this element and also a hitherto unrecognized substance, didymia, from crude yttria, and two years later he announced the determination of two fresh constituents of the same earth, naming them erbia and terbia.

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Villabos chose to honour the heir-apparent of the Spanish throne by naming some of the islands which he discovered, west and north of Magellan's discovery, the Islas Filipinas.

He proceeded south as far as La Plata, naming the places he surveyed on the way from the days on which the respective discoveries were made.

Nevertheless, the tracing of phylogeny, or direct lines of descent, suddenly began to attract far more interest than the naming and description of species.

The right of levying the tithe, and of naming the holders of all ecclesiastical benefices.

Richelieu raised many objections to such a partial realization of his ambition, but the king ended them in April 1624 by naming him as a member of his council.

He thought she would cry but instead she lay back on the grass, arms beneath her head, and after a time, began naming the shapes of the clouds passing across the sky.

He replied by dissolving the ministry without naming another, and by abdicating the crown in favour of the heir apparent, then only five years of age.