Sentence Examples with the word namesake

Petya had come rushing out to talk to his namesake about this affair.

The principal source for the history of this time is the biographical inscription at El Kab of a namesake of the king, Ahmosi son of Abana, a sailor and warrior whose exploits extend to the reign of TethmOsis I.

GAIUS CASSIUS, Latin poet, general and politician, called Parmensis from his birthplace Parma,was one of the murderers of Julius Caesar, and after his death joined the party of Brutus and his namesake Cassius the conspirator.

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I hope I shall see you and my beautiful namesake some time.

At this juncture Henry was desirous of getting his eldest son and namesake crowned as his colleague, the best mode that he could devise for avoiding the dangers of a disputed succession at his death.

Iii.), or perhaps rather his own namesake (i.

Reginald's descendant and namesake granted a charter (undated) to Saltash about 1190.

The last of the direct descendants of Simon Grynaeus was his namesake Simon (1725-1799), translator into German of French and English anti-deistical works, and author of a version of the Bible in modern German (1776).

MARIANUS SCOTUS (1028-1082 or 1083), chronicler (who must be distinguished from his namesake Marianus Scotus, d.

In 1301 his grandson and namesake granted to East Looe a market and fair, view of frank pledge, ducking stool and pillory and assize of bread and ale.