Sentence Examples with the word naive

Hilary especially illustrates the prevalence of naive Docetic views as regards the details of the Incarnation.

When you start removing your clothes, naive or not, you've got to realize you're doing something wrong.

An immediate outcome of the new friendship was Schiller's admirable essays, published in the Horen (1795-1796) and collected in 1800 under the title Ober naive and sentimentalische Dichtung.

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The historians tell us with naive assurance that its causes were the wrongs inflicted on the Duke of Oldenburg.

He took the glove in silence from the aide-de- camp, and sat down in the lady's chair, placing his huge hands symmetrically on his knees in the naive attitude of an Egyptian statue, and decided in his own mind that all was as it should be, and that in order not to lose his head and do foolish things he must not act on his own ideas tonight, but must yield himself up entirely to the will of those who were guiding him.

She was so plain that neither of them could think of her as a rival, so they began dressing her with perfect sincerity, and with the naive and firm conviction women have that dress can make a face pretty.

You're a naive little child.

This naive temper of the middle ages is nowhere more conspicuously displayed than in the Feast of the Ass, which under various forms was celebrated in a large number of churches throughout the West.

Bilibin asked, his reputation being so well established that he did not fear to ask so naive a question.

The little princess, like an old war horse that hears the trumpet, unconsciously and quite forgetting her condition, prepared for the familiar gallop of coquetry, without any ulterior motive or any struggle, but with naive and lighthearted gaiety.