Sentence Examples with the word nagging

The problem was that she hadn't been able to reach him, but she didn't want to start out nagging at him.

While he recalled little else of his time before the Schism, Jule couldn't help the nagging feeling he was missing something important about the transition between an old and new god.

Still, that nagging feeling in her stomach didn't go away.

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Courting a widow was one thing, but harboring a nagging feeling she might not be widowed was quite another matter.

I feel terrible asking you this, but it keeps nagging at me.

If anything, the nagging feeling was growing stronger.

Jonny wouldn't listen to his nagging sister, but he'd darned well listen to a man as terrifying as Dusty could be.

He pushed aside the nagging instincts he'd been ignoring since seeing her earlier.

The nagging question of Fitzgerald continued to block out the other important matters Dean should have been concentrating on.

While there was evidence of the opportunity to switch the bones, there was the nagging problem of Fitzgerald having neither knowledge nor chance to steal the bone fragment from Cynthia's jewelry box.