Sentence Examples with the word mysteriously

He became finance minister in the first Dominion ministry, but suddenly and mysteriously resigned on the 4th of November 1867.

Here his uncouth behaviour and great personal beauty attract general attention, and he is alike mocked by Kay, and his future distinction mysteriously foretold.

He Himself spoke mysteriously of His burial, when a woman poured a vase of costly ointment upon His head.

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Haunting buildings and famous ruins, gliding around pools, walls and trees, mysteriously disappearing below ground, the serpent and all its kind invariably arrested attention through its uncanny distinctiveness from bird or beast.

All appeared mysteriously deserted.

Many of these curious modifications may, it is true, be due to other causes than climate only, but they serve to show how powerfully and mysteriously local conditions affect the form and structure of both plants and animals; and they render it probable that changes of constitution are also continually produced, although we have, in the majority of cases, no means of detecting them.

But early one morning the fever left me as mysteriously and unexpectedly as it had come, and I fell into a quiet sleep.

Nevertheless, his rule and power gradually declined, and by the year 1408 Owen himself had disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as he had arisen, and the land once more fell into undisputed possession of the king and his chosen vassals.

Of Scotland, but it was mysteriously broken off.

Wild he was; a very sight of sights to see; yet I began to feel myself mysteriously drawn towards him.