Sentence Examples with the word mysore

The upper fort is a quadrangular building on the summit, with only one approach, and was deemed impregnable by the Mysore princes.

In 1830 it was found necessary to take the state of Mysore under British administration, where it continued until 1881, when it was restored to native rule; and in 1834 the frantic misrule of the raja of Coorg brought on a short and sharp war.

He now for some time held the interim post of private secretary to Lord Wellesley, and in 1803 was appointed to the Mysore residency.

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The war was hotly contested, for Sir Eyre Coote was now an old man, and the Mysore army was welldisciplined and equipped, and also skilfully handled by Hyder and his son Tippoo.

One of these converts, Baba Budan by name, is said to have gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca and to have brought back with him the coffee berry, which he planted on the hill range in Mysore still called after him.

In Mysore the amrit mahal, a breed said to have been introduced by Hyder Ali for military purposes, is still kept up by the state.

The second Mysore War of 1790-92 is noteworthy on two accounts: Lord Cornwallis, the governor-general, led the British army in person, with a pomp and lavishness of supplies that recalled the campaigns of Aurangzeb; y and the two great native powers, the nizam of the Wa Deccan and the Mahratta confederacy, co-operated as allies of the British.

Hyder Ali was proclaimed sultan of Mysore in the south.

East coast, established a mission in Orissa in i 82 r which soon bore fruit; the Wesleyans were in Ceylon, Mysore and the Kaveri valley, the London Missionary Society at the great military centres Madras, Bangalore and Bellary, agents of the American Board at Ahmednagar 4nd other parts of the Mahratta country around Bombay.

In the sequel, Mysore became the prize of the Mahommedan usurper Hyder Ali.