Sentence Examples with the word mutually

He has therefore lost sight of the truths that bodies are triply extended, mutually impenetrable substances, and by this force causes which reduce one another to a joint mass with a common velocity on collision, as for instance in the ballistic pendulum; that these forces are the ones we best understand; and that they are reciprocal causes of the common velocity of their joint mass, whatever happens afterwards.

The two ideals are counter posed and mutually excltisive.

The maximum principal stresses are represented by the directions and thicknesses of the two systems of intersecting lines mutually at right angles.

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We mutually agreed the subject of our tests was verboten until we were able to get together again in three weeks hence.

The languages of the different tribes are mutually unintelligible.

The Nicobarese may be best described as a Far Eastern race, having generally the characteristics of the less civilized tribes of the Malay Peninsula and the south-eastern portion of the Asiatic continent, and speaking varieties of the Mon-Annam group of languages, though the several dialects that prevail are mutually unintelligible.

The waves are said mutually to interfere.

That original group of mutually underivable attributes of which the absence of any one destroys its right to the class-name, or it is not.

Died in 1024, the two Conrads were the most prominent candidates for the throne, and are said to have mutually agreed to abide by the decision of the electors.

Split up into numerous and mutually hostile communities, they never, through the fourteen centuries which have elapsed since the end of the old Western empire, shook off the yoke of foreigners completely; they never until lately learned to merge their local and conflicting interests in the common good of undivided Italy.