Sentence Examples with the word mutinous

His troops became mutinous for their pay; the silhdar, who had commanded one of the expeditions against the Mamelukes, advanced to the relief of KhorshId; and the latter ordered the DelIs to march to his assistance.

For hours he stood, or sat on horseback, amid the surging crowd, facing the mutinous soldiers - who had loaded their muskets and formed square - while effort after effort was made to bring them to reason, sometimes at the cost of life - as in the case of Count Miloradovich, military governor of St Petersburg, who was mortally wounded by a;pistol shot while arguing with the mutineers.

After he had been two years at the Ecole Polytechnique he took a foremost part in a mutinous demonstration against one of the masters; the school was broken up, and Comte like the other scholars was sent home.

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It had little chance of doing more than make speeches; the country was in the hands of an armed mob of civilians and mutinous soldiers; and, meanwhile, the grand-duke of Baden had joined with Bavaria in requesting the armed intervention of Prussia, which was granted on the condition that Baden should join the League of the Three Kings.

During the War of Independence Philadelphia was the principal seat of the Continental Congress, but it was driven thence in 1783 by mutinous soldiers, and for the succeeding seven years the discussion of a permanent site for the national capital was characterized by sectional jealousy, and there was a strong sentiment against choosing a state capital or a large city lest it should interfere with the Federal government.

Thibron, the Spartan, persuaded the Magnesians to leave their indefensible and mutinous city in 399 B.C. and build afresh at Leucophrys, an hour distant, noted for its temple of Artemis Leucophryne, which, according to Strabo, surpassed that at Ephesus in the beauty of its architecture, though inferior in size and wealth.

His political career began during the mutinous riksdag of 1786, when he came boldly forward as one of the royalist leaders.

Y P Lord Canning of some manifestations of discontent, and asked permission to transfer certain mutinous corps to another province.

For the moment all the aghast mate's thoughts seemed theirs; they raised a half mutinous cry.

Out of 73 mutinous regiments, only four colonels were found worthy of other commands.