Sentence Examples with the word mutation

We need to know how many people have this mutation and where they are, Kris ordered.

The mutation started sometime after our births, Kris, Gabriel voiced.

The initial mutations, then, are as follows: The initial mutation of any word depends upon its position in the sentence, and is determined by a grammatical rule which can ordinarily be traced to a generalization of the original phonetic conditions.

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There's never been a mutation like this in the history of our people.

Species and Varieties, their Origin by Mutation (Chicago, 1905); The Mutation Theory (London, 1910); A.

As then the Ent is one, invariable and immutable, all plurality, variety and mutation belong to the Nonent.

Although the original mutation was not caused by human activity, human activity preserved and perpetuated it.

Her Mutation de fortune, in which she finds room for a great deal of history and philosophy, was presented to the same patron on New Year's Day, 1404.

The absolute agreement in the results independently obtained by these various investigators, the interpretation of individual development as the guide to phyletic development, the demonstration of continuous genetic series, each mutation falling into its proper place and all showing a definite direction, constitute contributions to biological philosophy of the first importance, which have been little known or appreciated by zoologists because of their publication in monographs of very special character.

Hence the theory of the unity of nature is necessarily followed by a theory of its seeming plurality, that is to say, of the variety and mutation of things.