Sentence Examples with the word musty

He breathed deeply, not realizing how musty the underground world was until he breathed fresh air.

We meet at meals three times a day, and give each other a new taste of that old musty cheese that we are.

She cleaned him up then took a shower and dug out musty clothing from a trunk at the bottom of one wardrobe.

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The mine tunnel narrowed and the pair was forced to hunch down under the low ceiling that closed in the fetid air around them like a soaked and musty blanket.

It smelled of musty parchment pages that were cut in different sizes and poorly bound.

The fresh air was welcome after the musty scents of prison.

During my researches in the Leviathanic histories, I stumbled upon an ancient Dutch volume, which, by the musty whaling smell of it, I knew must be about whalers.

The room had a musty closed-up smell and looked like a thousand other motel rooms in a thousand other cities.

The heavy, musty scent of earth was contained within a four-by-four-foot cell, not even large enough for him to lie down.

Cochineal has a musty and bitterish taste.