Sentence Examples with the word muster

She wasn't able to muster any concern, not with the heaviness of the air around her.

All I could muster was a thank you.

Additionally, I'm not sure the firearm he used would pass muster with the licensing authorities.

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He bowed his head with as much dignity as he could muster toward the savage looking beasts, who in return nodded in a friendly way.

During the Persian wars the state, which had recently joined the Peloponnesian League, could still muster 3000 hoplites.

At Arzila, where he landed, he was joined by Mulai Ahmad, who could only muster Soo soldiers.

On the square in front of the Bazaar were drummers beating the muster call.

Trojan muster - Trojan catalogue.

Claire tried to muster a schoolmarm firmness that didn't work.

While the purpose for their stay remained a mystery, their credit cards passed muster and they didn't overeat the breakfast goodies.