Sentence Examples with the word mustard

But it gave some impetus to the practice of green manuring with leguminous crops, which are equally capable with such a crop as mustard of enriching the soil in humus, whilst in addition they bring into the soil from the atmosphere a quantity of nitrogen available for the use of subsequent crops of any kind.

Of economic importance are species of Brassica, including mustard (B.

Protected by awns, are round, hard, smooth, shining, brownish-red, and somewhat larger than mustard seeds.

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To increase the number of doubles, ewes are sometimes put on good fresh grass, rape or mustard a week before the tups go out - a ram to sixty ewes is a usual proportion, though with care a stud ram can be got to settle twice the number.

Primary amines heated with carbon bisulphide in alcoholic solution are converted into mustard oils, when the dithiocarbamate first produced is heated with a solution of mercuric chloride.

The alkyl derivatives of thiourea are obtained by the action of ammonia and of primary and secondary amines on the mustard oils (A.

Rubber is grown in government plantations and is also brought in by the hill tribes; while lac, mustard and potatoes are also produced.

They are exceedingly hard and difficult to pulverize, odourless, bitter and readily confused with black mustard seeds.

The four chief varieties grown are mustard or rape seed, linseed, til or gingelly (sesamum), and castor-oil.

Rosell, Ber., 1890, 23, p. 487), or from the aminoazo compound and a mustard oil, the resulting thiocarbanilido derivative being heated with acetic acid (M.