Sentence Examples with the word muslim

There are many Christian converts (chiefly Anglicans and Wesleyans) and Muslims. In the Northern areas are some Muslim tribes, as for instance the Susu.

In a narrower sense, Ulema is used, in a Muslim state, of a council of such learned men, holding government appointments.

Falaba was founded towards the end of the 18th century by the Sulima who revolted from the Muslim Fula, and its normadic inhabitants soon attained supremacy over the neighbouring villages and country.

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Macdonald, Muslim Theology (London, 1903); the Hidaya (trans.

Pol Pot ordered the killing of anyone who wore glasses, presuming them to be intellectuals; anyone from the prior power structure, including police; anyone who was educated, or a monk, or an artist; and any Muslim whom, when ordered to, refused on religious grounds to eat pork.