Sentence Examples with the word musician

The chief church is the Martini-kerk, with a high tower (43 2 ft.) dating from 1477, and an organ constructed by the famous scholar and musician Rudolph Agricolo, who was born near Groningen in 1443.

Occasional references to the celebrated musician in the works of his contemporaries are, however, by no means rare, and from these it may be conjectured with all but absolute certainty that Guido was born in the last decade of the 10th century.

The sailors agreed; for they were anxious to hear the musician whose songs were famous all over the world.

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According to Ibn Khaqan, a contemporary writer, he became a student of the exact sciences and was also a musician and a poet.

It ought, however, to be added that the Camaldulians claim the celebrated musician as wholly their own, and altogether deny his connexion with the Benedictines.

Liszt's father, a clerk to the agent of the Esterhazy estates and an amateur musician of some attainment, was Hungarian by birth and ancestry, his mother an AustrianGerman.

GUNNAR WENNERBERG (1817-1901), Swedish poet, musician and politician, was born at Lidkdping, of which place his father was parish priest, on the 2nd of October 1817.

The reference to Stratonicus, a musician of the time of Alexander the Great (Rudens, 932); and in the delineation of character we have no reason to suppose that he improved on his models (cf.

She was an accomplished linguist, musician and mathematician, and deeply interested in metaphysics.

Such were Dimmler the musician and his wife, Vogel the dancing master and his family, Belova, an old maiden lady, an inmate of the house, and many others such as Petya's tutors, the girls' former governess, and other people who simply found it preferable and more advantageous to live in the count's house than at home.