Sentence Examples with the word museo

The Piazza del Museo marks the site of the forum, and the museum on its north side is ensconced in a Corinthian temple with three cellae, by some attributed to Hercules, but more probably the Capitolium of the city, erected by Vespasian in A.D.

Among representative serials are the following - Archaeology: Museo italiano di antichita classica (1885) with atlas in folio; Oriens christianus (1901); Nuovo bollettino di archeologia cristiana, quarterly at Rome (1895).

Ladd, The Story of New Mexico (Boston, 1891); Helen Haines, History of New Mexico (New York, 1891); Henry Inman, The Old Santa Fe Trail (New York, 1897); Publications of the Historical Society of New Mexico, and Gaspar de Villagra, Historia de la Nueva Mexico; reimpresa por el Museo Nacional, con un apendice de documentos y opiisculos (2 vols., Mexico, 1900), vol.

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The Aphrodite, which is thought to be the finest piece, was removed to the Museo delle Terme in Rome; the rest are at Bengazi.

The Museo Lapidario contains a fine collection of Roman and Etruscan inscriptions and sculpture, mostly collected and published by Scipione Maffei in the 18th century.

Close by are two Gothic buildings, the bishop's palace (1264) and the Palazzo dei Papi (begun in 1296), the latter with a huge hall now containing the Museo Civico, with various medieval works of art, and also objects from the Etruscan necropolis of the ancient Volsinii (q.v.).

The objects discovered are in the Museo di Papa Giulio at Rome.

The Museo Civico contains antiquities discovered during excavations near the town (in 1880-1884) in the Picene necropolis, dating from the 8th-4th centuries B.C. The town is the birthplace of the condottiere Niccolo Mauruzzi, and of the learned Francis Philelphus, one of the first disseminators of classical literature, who was born in 1398.

Near Ascoli is Castel Trosino, where an extensive Lombard necropolis of the 7th century was discovered in 1895; the contents of the tombs are now exhibited in the Museo Nazionale delle Terme at Rome (Notizie degli scavi, 18 95, 35).

In laying out the Museo Pio-Clementino.