Sentence Examples with the word muse

The same year saw the birth of Maffeo Vegio, whose early reverence for the muse of Virgil and whose later devotion to the memory of Monica have left their mark on the educational treatise which he wrote a few years before his death in 1458.

For antiquities in museums there is the sumptuous Catalogue general des anhiquitis gyptiennes du muse de Caire; for excavations the Memoirs of the Egypt Exploration Fund, of the Research Account, of the British School of Archaeology, of the Liverpool School of Archaeology, of the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft, of the I-Iearst Egyptian Expedition, of the Theodore M.

CALLIOPE, the muse of epic poetry, so named from the sweetness of her vioce (Gr.

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The only contributions which redeem these hundred years and more from the charge of disrespect to the native muse come from the pen of the Sempills (q.v.).

The muse reassures her, and prophesies the downfall of the tyrant.

This short-lived experiment, which inspired the muse of Vodnik, the first Slovene poet of real mark, had its aftermath in the Illyrian movement of the forties, which centred in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

It is in the form of a dialogue between Sulpicia and the muse Calliope, and is chiefly a protest against the banishment of the philosophers by the edict of Domitian (A.D.

Among the smaller poets of this period may be mentioned Karpifiski (1741-1828), a writer of sentimental elegies in the style then so very much in fashion, and Franciszek Dyonizy Kniaanin (1750-1807), who nourished his muse on classical themes and wrote several plays.

Chenedolle had many sympathies with the romanticists, and was a contributor to their organ, the Muse frangaise.

According to the best-known tradition, Orpheus was the son of Oeagrus, king of Thrace, and the muse Calliope.