Sentence Examples with the word murray

Disraeli had not completed his twenty-first year when (in 1825) Murray was possessed by the idea of bringing out a great daily newspaper; and if his young friend did not inspire that idea he keenly urged its execution and was entrusted b Y g, y Murray with the negotiation of all manner of preliminaries, including the attempt to bring Lockhart in as editor.

The charitable institutions comprise the royal infirmary,, in the Italian style, considerably enlarged since its foundation in 1836; the Murray royal lunatic asylum in Bridgend; the Hillside House in Kinnoull and the small-pox hospital.

To his friend and helper, Sir David Murray (d.

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He was now equally detested by Murray, by the new exiles and by the queen, while she reconciled Murray and Bothwell.

Aylmer Papillon was the title of it, Dr Smiles informs us; and he prints a letter from Disraeli to the John Murray of that day, which indicates its character pretty clearly.

Arnold-Forster war minister, Lord Stanley postmaster-general and Mr Graham Murray secretary for Scotland.

NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER (1862-), American educator, was born at Elizabeth, New Jersey, on the 2nd of April 1862.

On the Lower Murray the body is placed on a platform of sticks and left to decay.

Sir John Murray finds the source of the phosphoric acid to be the decomposition of large quantities of animal matter, and he illustrates this by the well-known circumstance of the death of vast shoals of fish when warm Gulf-Stream water displaces the cold current which usually extends to the American coast.

By President Washington's appointment he became chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in March 1796, and in 1799 President John Adams sent him, with William Vans Murray (1762-1803) and William R.