Sentence Examples with the word murmur

We seem here to have a remnant of the very ancient and widely diffused tree-worship. Sometimes, however, auguries were taken in other manners, being drawn from the moaning of doves in the branches, the murmur of a fountain which rose close by, or the resounding of the wind in the brazen caldrons which formed a circle all round the temple.

I do wish you could see the view of the beautiful lake from our piazza, the islands looking like little emerald peaks in the golden sunlight, and the canoes flitting here and there, like autumn leaves in the gentle breeze, and breathe in the peculiarly delicious fragrance of the woods, which comes like a murmur from an unknown clime.

The gymnasium, however, was deserted; the nobles of Styria began to murmur at subsidizing a teacher without pupils; and he found it prudent to look elsewhere for employment.

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The art of his reading was supposed to lie in rolling out the words, quite independently of their meaning, in a loud and singsong voice alternating between a despairing wail and a tender murmur, so that the wail fell quite at random on one word and the murmur on another.

The prospect was not reassuring; his revenue was small, and parliament would certainly murmur if he tried to increase it.

It remained overcast and I could hear the rain pelting the roof and a murmur of voices below.

At first he moved so slowly that many of the impatient, would-be reformers began to murmur at the unnecessary delay.

A murmur went through the dancers, several of whom sounded as if they ran into each other before pausing.

The sleeping mother rests undisturbed by the various noises of the house and street, but wakes at a slight murmur from her child.

Aside from the infrequent sound of a passing car on the avenue, only the murmur of unseen waves lapping at the sand broke the stillness.