Sentence Examples with the word munificent

He was a munificent patron of men of letters, who came in large numbers to his court.

Warham, who was chancellor of Oxford University from 1506 until his death, was munificent in his public, and moderate in his private life.

He superintended every step of the progress of the building and of the purchase of the very valuable collection of apparatus with which it was equipped at the expense of its munificent founder the seventh duke of Devonshire (chancellor of the university, and one of its most distinguished alumni).

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He had few personal friends, and rarely mingled in general society; though bitter to opponents, he was gentle to those who knew him, and his munificent charities gave him a warm place in the hearts of many to whom he was personally unknown.

The library hall was restored and decorated, largely through the generosity of Sir William Priestley (1829-1900), formerly M.P. for the university; while munificent additions to the academic funds and resources were made by the 15th earl of Moray (1840-1901), Sir William Fraser (1816-1898), and others.

The museum was erected with part of the munificent bequest made to the city by Dominic Grassi in 1881.

It was to reinforce this element of the church's activity, as well as to strengthen her generally, that James Baird (1802-1876) in 1873 made the munificent gift of f soo,000.

Mitsuhisa, then feudal lord of Satsuma, was a munificent patron of art.

Ornament of the city was the arcaded and roofed bazaar called Chihar Chata, ascribed to Ali Mardan Khan, a noble of the 17th century, who has left behind him many monuments of his munificent public spirit both in Kabul and in Hindustan.

Akbar was a munificent patron of literature.