Sentence Examples with the word mumbling

He was mumbling in his sleep.

Sullenly taking the offered lantern, old Fleece limped across the deck to the bulwarks; and then, with one hand dropping his light low over the sea, so as to get a good view of his congregation, with the other hand he solemnly flourished his tongs, and leaning far over the side in a mumbling voice began addressing the sharks, while Stubb, softly crawling behind, overheard all that was said.

You were mumbling in your sleep about killing people.

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He heard Arnie's mumble, Lana's voice, more mumbling in response.

Janet arrived, mumbling apologies as the guests began coming downstairs to breakfast.

He made a mumbling sound in confirmation of this, took her hand, and began pressing it to different parts of his breast as if trying to find the right place for it.

Such was the state of his mouth, that he could hardly speak; but mumbling something about his being willing and able to do what the captain dared not attempt, he snatched the rope and advanced to his pinioned foe.

Josh accepted, mumbling that he wasn't drunk, but some coffee sounded good.

Through it she heard the mumbling of the reverend, but not the words.