Sentence Examples with the word mum

In Teheran the board of merchants is presided over by the malik ut tujjar, King of Merchants, in the provincial cities by a person called malik amin, and mum of merchants.

The latter marched into Asia Minor and defeated the Mongols in the bloody battle of Ablastan, the modern Albistan (1277); but, when he advanced farther to Caesarea, Mum ed-din Suleiman retired, hesitating to join him at the very moment of action.

Someone grabbed the dough and Dean didn't believe Baratto or the twins had either the brains or nerve to pull off a heist like that, much less stay mum about it for months.

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Der Gri ndung and MUM des hell.

Fred continued to be mum about the trial.

Instead I should be ashamed of myself for not telling Gibbons to be mum about our looking for the guy.

Denaby Main Colliery, 629,947 tons in 281 days, maxiYorkshire mum per day 2673 tons.

Dean learned why Fred was mum on the subject when he discovered an airline ticket in the old man's jacket.

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It was apparent that Mom was mum on the subject and hadn't told her son that Dean was about as popular as doggy do-do on new shoes.