Sentence Examples with the word mulligan

He was concentrating on the roadway, miles from Ouray, when Franny Mulligan passed him, slammed on her brakes, and waved him back to where she parked.

He plugged in a Coltrane disc and then a Gerry Mulligan and laid back to commiserate with the perfect sound of it all while he closed his eyes and pretended he was happy.

Josh Mulligan was Paul's mine manager at the Lucky Pup.

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It was Gerry Mulligan with a nineteen-fifties piece that filled the room with familiar strains.

Letters trickled in over the years, but Edith's early assessment of Josh Mulligan as a miscreant proved to be correct.

Certainly he has no ties to Josh Mulligan of forty years ago, or the Dawkins, or the Lucky Pup mine.

He wondered how much Miss Mulligan knew about the aggressive Mrs. Shipton.

Donald Ryland and Franny Mulligan were checking out this evening, as soon as he returned with Donnie, followed by the Quincy sisters scheduled departure in the morning.

She told Franny Mulligan that Ryland was dumping her.

The remains of what was now universally presumed to be Josh Mulligan rested in an unnamed southern California landfill.